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HYGGE Care provides a truly therapeutic service focused on achieving quality long term outcomes for children through its 'Prep4Fostering' service.


'Prep4Fostering' works by identifying children who are:

  • Currently 'looked after' and in residential care who display the potential to live in a family.
  • Currently at high risk of placement breakdown in their current foster care setting.
  • Have experienced multiple foster care placement break downs.

We offer them a managed period of stability and consistency to address the presenting issues which are preventing the child from integrating successfully into a family setting.

We aim to provide the highest standard of specialist care in accordance with all legislatory requirements.


Our management team has over 10 years relevant experience, which coupled with our companies use of 'best in industry' external professionals, ensures our children remain our top priority and our staff benefit from the support to achieve that aim.

The HYGGE Care model has been designed to support children to explore the feelings, memories and emotions they experience in a safe and nurturing environment.


We do this by developing a comprehensive understanding of the child's life story, behaviours and current experience.

By the fact that they are in care would suggest that the child has experienced significant trauma in their lives, and it is important that we understand the child's 'internal working model' ,and their view of themselves and the world around them as a result of their experience.


Ultimately our service allows the child to reintegrate into a family setting, allowing them a prospect of long term stability in a normalised environment rather than a future in residential care.


We work with our clinical partners to deliver quality accredited training to our  staff to ensure they have the skills and understanding to be able to respond effectively to a child in need. All staff also receive regular clinical supervision from the homes appointed psychologist, who also informs practice at regular team meetings.

Hygge Care Ltd - our approach

A brochure showing an overview of our Preparation for Fostering approach, the journey and our clinical services. You are welcome to browse - for any copies (digital or physical) kindly contact us.

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